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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Left Comment On The Financial Crisis

Various left and green discussions and comment on the unfolding global financial crisis linked below.

Dave Osler asks Has the (British) left got any answers?

The Guardian got sound bites from various people they characterise as representatives of anti-capitalism (I have to say this is stretching it a bit with some of those consulted!)

Ed at International Rooksbyism found some interesting background info courtesy of the SSP website.

And here is the famous lefty blogger at Lenin's Tomb's take on events from his Tuesday blog.

Meanwhile over at Obsolete, SepticIsle reflects on the football connection to the Credit Crunch.

All this, in conjunction with the turmoil in the government and the alarming rise of the right and far right in Britain adds extra relevance to the Convention of the Left scheduled to take place in Manchester from this weekend - an event that will be in stark contrast to the stage managed corporate farce that has become the Labour conference - to be held in the same city at the same time.

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