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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nottingham Trent Uni Dispute Rally On Monday

Staff at Nottingham Trent University are in dispute with management over derecognition of their union and cuts in facility time for union reps that currently represent them, members of the UCU (University and College Union).

A rally is planned in Nottingham for Monday 6th October at 12.30 outside the Royal Concert Hall. The rally and protest is being supported by members of the newly formed Nottinghamshire IWW group - an injury to one is an injury to all! The actions of management against the UCU are indicative of the aggressive anti-worker, slavishly pro-big business stance of the new regime at NTU.

More info on the dispute here.

Here is an update from earlier this week -

No breakthrough at NTU:

On Wednesday of this week, thanks to the intervention of ACAS, a negotiations meeting between UCU and NTU management took place. Unfortunately, in spite of hard work and good will from UCU negotiators we were unable to reach an agreement. The summary of the current situation is as follows:

The branch are pleased to report that yesterday’s negotiations with NTU at ACAS produced progress on two of our key demands:
· Agreement that the proposed consultation forum would be distinct from the negotiating procedures

· Agreement to a separate forum to discuss matters relating solely to academic and related staff.

The talks eventually concluded without agreement as management were not prepared either to:

· Honour the notice requirements in the existing recognition agreement or sufficiently extend the negotiating timetable (they offered just 1 month); or

· Offer reasonable time-off for your union reps to resolve members’ problems in line with sector norms.

No agreement was reached either on what would be proportionate representation for UCU at any future negotiation forum and management's current proposals would mean that UCU could always be outvoted on contentious issues. As an act of good will, UCU negotiators conceded that providing agreement was reached on the detailed issues associated with our essential rights and ability to negotiate, the union could consider participating in wider consultation forum so long as it remained distinct from negotiation procedures and UCU were entitled to a separate forum to discuss matters relating solely to academic and related staff. The ACAS talks show that a negotiated settlement is still possible. Yet, as things stand, NTU management intends to proceed with the termination of union recognition next week. Given NTU’s decision to press ahead, we have no choice but to continue with our preparations for the nationally supported rally on October 6 at 1230pm.

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