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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Defend Public Transport In The North East Of England

The following might be of interest to readers in the North East and elsewhere -

The Fat Cats Come to Town

Keep Metro Public Campaign

The Fat Cats Come to Town

Tuesday 9th September - St James Park- Newcastle

On Tuesday 9th of September over 100 Companies have been invited to a seminar organised by NEXUS.

It is important that we let these carpet baggers know that they are not welcome.

We are asking all interested parties to demonstrate outside of St James making our feelings quite clear.

Arrangements are as follows:

10 am - meet at Centre for the Unemployed - The Cloth Market - to pick up banners and placards

10.30 am - gather at car park - St James Park (NUFC) to give the predators a traditional North East Welcome

At this stage of the campaign it is important that as many people as possible turn out.

Stan Herschel
Bill Green

RMT Northern Organiser
Unite Northern Organiser

More info from Ed Whitby's blog here, UK watch here and the RMT here.

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