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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Final Green Party Conference Reports

A final report from Jim at Daily (Maybe) here - congratulations to Jim on being elected to the Standing Orders Committee (SOC), a brave man to take that on, given the traditional wrangling SOC has been involved in, and recent history in the Party!

Results of the ballots for Chair, Equalities and Diversity and External Communications officers posted to Green Despatches by Jim (busy bee!) here.

Also on Green Despatches, Scott Redding reports on the screening of the new climate change - themed film "The Age Of Stupid", starring Pete Postlethwaite. The film will apparently be released early next year. By all accounts it was very impressive.

Matt Sellwood's report on conference is here.

For a view on how the opposition view all this here is Tory uber-blogger Iain Dale - have a laugh at all the ranting, fuming and spewing of rightist hatred in the comments underneath!

Here is the local Norwich paper reporting Adrian Ramsay's election as Green Party Deputy Leader and here is the BBC report of Caroline Lucas' speech.

One interesting note is that the Guardian, supposed mouthpiece of liberal-left politics in Britain continued its' policy of completely ignoring the Green Party Conference, despite Caroline Lucas and Peter Tatchell both having Online Guardian Comment Is Free blogs. The Guardian continue to favour Labour Cabinet kremlinology and new-labourist apologetics from ex-SDPers as the staple of their politics coverage.

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