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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Green Left Events Around Green Party Conference

Green Left are involved in a number of events around the Green Party of England and Wales Autumn Conference over next weekend.

'Greening Latin America'
Thursday 4th September, 7pm to 9pm
Bolivar Hall: Embassy Of Venezuela
54 Grafton Way
W1 5AJ
Chair: Joseph Healy, Green Party of England and Wales International Secretary
Roberto Perez, Cuban permaculturalist who launches his British tour .
Dr Diana Raby, Lecturer at the Institute of Latin American Studies (University of Liverpool)
Nestor Lopez, from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Dr Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker
'This meeting will show case the progress being made in Latin America (with an emphasis on Cuba and Venezuela) in dealing with climate change, biodiversity and a range of environmental issues. It will examine the lessons in terms of politics and environmental policy that both the Green Movement and the wider left in Britain can learn from the Latin American experience.'
Organized by Green Left

Green Left and SOAS Palestinian Society

Anti-Zionism. A Jewish Perspective.

Friday 5th September @ 7pm (Khalili Lecture Theatre SOAS)


Simon Lynn (Editor of Jewish Socialist Magazine)

Tony Greenstein (Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

Chair: Dr Joseph Healy (Co-Convenor Green Left)

Meanwhile our comrades in Scotland are involved in putting on the following event :

Social Forum on climate change and peak oil issues and strategies

Imagining and creating a just and sustainable society

Sat 18th October (10.30-5.30) Sun 19th October (11-2)

Edinburgh Students Union, Teviot Building

For all who want action not just targets

Key speaker: Sian Berry London Mayoral candidate, Green Party

Workshop Strands will include:

1. WHAT are the causes of climate chaos?

2. HOW can we reduce carbon emissions fast?

3. WHO can change Policy not just light bulbs?

While governments plan to reduce emissions some time in the far distant future, global warming emissions rise rapidly worldwide (Scotland’s emissions rose 8% in 2006). While the Arctic is set to be ice free and absorbing rather than reflecting heat by 2013, scientists argue that this could be just the start of the feedback loops which will drive temperatures higher and potentially drive us to extinction.

This situation has lead people from a range of environmental and political groups to put aside their differences and ask: what is causing this, and how can we stop it, and stop it fast? How can we challenge this system of ever-increasing economic growth that drives climate change emissions up daily?

If the politicians won’t act to tackle the causes of climate chaos, then can ordinary citizens create a community based, nationally effective, and internationally connected political movement that seeks to deal with peak oil and avoid catastrophic climate change by creating ecological and social justice now?

Come along, learn and share views on the issues that need to be addressed and the action that can be taken.

organised by activists from

Democratic Left Scotland, from the Scottish Green Party and from the Scottish Socialist Party

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At 9:41 pm, Anonymous James said...

Shouldn't this:
"If the politicians won’t act to tackle the causes of climate chaos.."

..instead read:
"If only Green politicians will act to tackle the causes of climate chaos.."



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