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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Anti-Fascism At Home And Abroad

Today there were various actions against the far right festival in Derbyshire I blogged about on Thursday.
Reports on Indymedia - here and here
BBC report here.

Meanwhile there is concern regarding far right attacks on the Hindu community in Berlin. According to a recent e-mail I received -

The Neo-Nazis have announced that they will march on 23rd August to protest at the proposed building of a Hindu Temple in Berlin. They have decided to march through the largest immigrant district of Berlin (Neukoelln) ending at the proposed site as they believe that "symbols" of this nature attack 'German' culture.

More here for German readers from German Indymedia -

Let us hope there is a strong counter action to this latest divisive fascist offensive.

Bearing in mind current and ongoing developments in Italy and former Soviet bloc countries the situation in Europe as regards the influence of far right movements and currents continues to remind us of the necessity for eternal vigilance and for concrete attempts to address the effects of the dysfunctional capitalist system on vulnerable groups from a democratic, left and progressive angle.

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