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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back? Johnson's Monarchists Advertise

The British Republican agitation around the oath, royal finances and the heir to the throne overstepping the political mark must be having some effect as British Monarchists are now advertising for support for a counter-campaign. The Constitutional Monarchist Association is connected to the well-dodgy right-wing International Monarchist League. The following is a press release from Republic, with some links added by me.


The Constitutional Monarchy Association, headed by figures such as Boris Johnson, Derek Conway and Iris Robinson, is advertising in political magazines to head off Republic's growing campaign.

The advert says the monarchists are: "appalled that Republicans and certain factions in the media are determined to discredit our Monarchy." Adding that they need help to 'sustain' support.

Republic spokesperson Graham Smith told reporters:

"Republic's campaign against the oath of allegiance has clearly rattled these royalist-ultras. It is extraordinary to see the monarchy advertised in this way."

"The royalists clearly fear for their beloved institution, but I would be surprised if Buckingham Palace would approve of this sort of publicity."

"The last thing the palace wants is more scrutiny, but that is what this advert will prompt - particularly as it has the backing of high-profile royalists such as Johnson, Conway and Robinson."


The advert has been placed with House Magazine and the Spectator.

Republic has acquired a copy of the advert, which can be found at

The Constitutional Monarchy Association lists various conservative
politicians and little-known aristocrats (and Cliff Richard) as 'patrons'.
Their site is


Republic is a membership-based pressure group calling for the democratic replacement of the monarchy by an elected head of state.
Republic lobbies politicians and opinion-formers, undertakes original research on the monarchy, comments on Royal stories in the media and provides information on republicanism.
Republic is a non-party-political organisation with members from all the main parliamentary parties. Its distinguished supporters include 20 MPs, as well as leading figures from politics, law and the arts. A full list of Republic’s supporters can be found at


Visit our website :

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Thank you for informing me that the Monarchists started an ad campaign.


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