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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anti-Fascist Mobilization In The Midlands This Weekend.

This weekend sees the UK's largest far right Party returning to fields near Denby and Codnor in Derbyshire in the East Midlands for their annual "Red White And Blue" Festival. Whilst locals have opposed previous occurrences of this event there has not yet been a major mobilization to protest against the attempts of extreme right thugs, criminals and loudmouthed bigots to present themselves as some kind of legitimate, family-friendly, peaceful democratic party. Previous "festivals" have seen some of the far rightists discredit themselves with drunken brawling and the Notts/Derbyshire border area has seen some nasty faction fighting involving different groups within the BNP. This year the decision has been taken to publicly oppose the far right jamboree by a mobilization of anti fascists. Unfortunately some sectarian outbreaks on the left have marred the run up to this, but there seems to be a truce with different elements of the anti-fascist coalition agreeing to disagree and run complementary activities on the day. We shall see how successful this will be and whether the strategy of UAF (National SWP dominated "popular-frontist" Unite Against Fascism), Notts Against the BNP (More locally based and independent group that launched the first plans for the day with strong representation of the AWL and Socialist Party) or Antifa (Radical direct action/physical force anti-fascists and anarchists) are more successful on the weekend.

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