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Friday, April 18, 2008

Cohn-Bendit and the Hamburg Greens - Traitors.

There is no point in beating about the bush, in apologetics or justifications. The actions of the Hamburg Greens in allying with the CDU and of the egotistical careerist Cohn-Bendit, sucking up to the detestable reactionary Sarkozy, amount to treachery. This is one of those moments - like the Czech Greens backing the siting there of tracking radar for the USA's missile programme and the Irish Greens compromising over Tara and US "Security" flights to get a small say in the administration of the dubious reactionaries of Fianna Fail - it is one of those moments where, like George Orwell's farm animals, we look from pig to man and from man to pig (from dubious opprotunists to slimey reactionaries) and have difficulty in telling the difference.

So I will not mince words - these people are traitors to the original ideals of the Green movement. Those of them that are veterans of 1968 have jettisoned the good things of that epoch (idealism, concern for others, suspicion of hierarchies and the establishment) and kept the negatives (egotism, selfishness, arrogance, a weakness for sucking up to authoritarians and dreaming of a well-ordered Utopia - EUtopia?). They are no longer worthy of being described as of the "left", and like the bought-and-paid-for-apologist for a US and European Imperial New Order, Joschka Fischer, they are now best classified as part of the enemy.

It is time for a fightback. It is time to say no more right shifting, pro imperialist, pro corporate Europe, arrogant stuffed shirts. Like Lou Reed said, "Stick a fork in their asses and turn 'em over, they're done"

The Green Left are organised in England and Wales and the Ecosocialist International is now in operation. Links need to be built across the green movement in the whole of Europe and across the world to forge a united resistance and opposition to the bureaucrats and timeservers, the "Opera Class" Greens as a German journalist called them. A global recession is in the offing, major resource crises and massive climate related problems are growing. The existing ruling class will respond by making the majority population - the poor - pay, by drawing up the drawbridge on "fortress Europe", by insisting on poll-tax like "equal sacrifices". They will seek to divert unrest into attacking scapegoats, and build war and terror hysteria to advance their aims. Fischer, Cohn-Bendit and the reactionary "Blue/Black Greens" are already well advanced in apologising for the current and coming excesses. Such people are living proof of the corruption inherent in our existing power structures.

There are plenty of us who are not about to leave the Green movement to the careerists and reactionaries - and we are not about to leave and join the authoritarian left, we are radical democrats and left-wing greens, not Leninists - it is the careerists who now demand expulsions, who seek top-down discipline and Europe-wide "Party Lines" based on their agenda. But we will fight for the original radical left vision of the European Green movement in a democratic way, because that original radical left, democratic and egalitarian vision is now more relevant than ever. It is those who are tying their chariot to Corporatist Euro-Federalism, to NATO imperialism and rampant neo-liberalism who are out of step, it is they who are aligning themselves with what is about to fall rather than what is about to rise.

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