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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Selbourne Moves On To Peddle Reaction In The Guardian

After exposing his agenda and prejudices badly in the Spectator the other week, the apologist for authoritarian nationalism David Selbourne has moved on to the Guardian to peddle a watered-down-for-liberals version of his reactionary garbage. The differences between the two articles (no respectful quoting of Cromwell in full-dictator-mode in the Guardian!) simply illustrates Selbourne's opportunism and the nakedness of his agenda. By conflating concern for civil liberties and human rights with neo-libertarian market fetishism Selbourne dishonestly tries to discredit completely legitimate concerns by association with a powerful, but fortunately now struggling, destructive cult. Fortunately, as in the Spectator, Selbourne gets a good thrashing in the comments, for his dishonesty and incoherence as much as his sheer malevolent wrongheadedness.

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