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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly Links - 16/03/2008

Reports on the weekend peace demonstrations in London and Glasgow can be found here , here and here.
There was a good Green presence on the London demo in terms of numbers and propaganda.
More pictures from London here and here. Indymedia has a report of an incident involving a Police Forward Intelligence Team.

Human Rights
In light of recent cases, like the one I blogged on within the last fortnight, where LGBT people are being threatened with deportation from Britain to countries where they face persecution, or even execution, a petition has been started -

London Green MEP Jean Lambert has been speaking out over deportations to Iraq and also raised the case of Mehdi Kazemi who was threatened with deportation to Iran, in the European Parliament.

There was disturbing news this week of further violence and murder directed at trade unionists in Guatemala.

Peter Tatchell, (who had a bit of a row this week with George Galloway over Galloway's comments about the Kazemi case) posted an interesting piece on Comment Is Free about pollution and the Beijing Olympics

Workplace Struggle and Climate Change
More has been posted on Notts Indymedia about the Nottingham Library uniforms dispute that I have mentioned before.

Workers' Climate Action this week alerted me to an interesting article from The Nation about US unions and climate change.

On Space issues there is a piece this week on Cedar Lounge Revolution.

US IWW member and environmental activist Marie Mason has been detained after a raid on her home - more info on Indymedia here and here.

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At 11:35 am, Anonymous Kevin Reed said...

Hi there

Not sure how to email you, so forgive the comment here.

You might be interested in this video featuring British eco-designer Oliver Heath on using recycled materials in the home:

Keep up the great work! Cheers; Kevin Reed


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