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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekly Links - 09/03/08

Firstly, away from politics for a while, and as a Yorkshire born lad myself, may I say Glory, Glory Barnsley FC! who yesterday repeated their FA Cup "giant killing" of Liverpool by defeating the "mighty" (ho-ho)Chelsea. Barnsley's success and the promotion chasing efforts of Doncaster Rovers in League One give some much needed excitement to football in South Yorkshire, away from the trials of the two Sheffield Teams. Come on Barnsley and Donny!

Onto the blogs, and a football link there to start too - Anton at Enemies of Reason Blog has a piece on the latest despicable behaviour of the Express newspaper - this time in relation to Paul Gascoigne and his troubles.

Elsewhere, Phil from A Very Public Sociologist blog reports the death of holocaust survivor and veteran anti-fascist Leon Greenman.

Over at the Cedar Lounge Revolution there are some interesting thoughts on the return to print of the anti-postmodernist hoaxer Sokal.

Louise reports on the International Women's Day events in London this weekend over at the Socialist Unity Blog.

Septic Isle reviews the latest George Romero film, Diary of the Dead at Obsolete.

Liam MacUaid this week publishes an account of the situation with the Green Party in the USA as regards the upcoming elections, written by New York State Green Party Member Steffie Brooks.

Jack Ray has interesting reflections this week on the meaning of democracy and self determination in a world of globalised capitalism.

The GPTU blog has Derek Wall's Green Party statement on the Shelter dispute.

Green From Below this week has Guy Debord's Situationist Theses on Traffic.

Jim at Daily (Maybe) reports on the call from Green MEP Caroline Lucas for progressive opposition to the Lisbon Treaty. He also has a piece on the Bush regime and torture, and some thoughts on death. A cheery note to end on this week!

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At 6:26 pm, Anonymous WorldbyStom said...

Greenman, I wish it were I, but it ain't. Smiffy of the CLR posted the Sokal piece... incidentally, what news do you have from Spain as regards the elections. What influence did red/green, green forces have during it?

At 7:37 pm, Blogger greenman said...

Hi, WBS. Amended the post so that you are not unduly credited!
It seems the CP-led United Left grouping in Spain (IU) fell from five seats to two, the Catalan left party was reduced from eight to three seats and most of the other smaller left parties were marginalised in a showdown between the conservative PP and the social democratic "Socialist" Party. The SP got 44% and PP 40% - just 16% for all the other parties put together.
However, paradoxically because Zapatero's majority is so slim, and the smaller centre right parties' vote stayed steady, the bargaining power of the small parties on the left may be actually increased, despite a fall in representation.
The Greens and green left groups are not particularly strong in Spain, a slight exception being in Catalonia, where I understand that a left-green party has had some representation, often in coalition with other left forces.

At 10:12 pm, Anonymous WorldbyStom said...

Hi again,

That's very interesting about Green groups being relatively weak. I wonder why that is. IIRC, and following on from what you're saying, on some trips around Catalonia I've seen some sort of green presence. But elsewhere not at all. Interesting to see if the further left can influence the PSOE... I wonder did the UL group have a green tinge...

At 9:21 am, Blogger greenman said...

It seems that ICV retained one deputy in Catalonia, which is some consolation, along with the defeat of the PP.


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