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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Press Release From People Against Incineration, Notts

This is the latest press release I have received from People Against Incineration - PAIN - the anti-incinerator group based in Rainworth in Nottinghamshire:

Incinerator threat to human health for miles around

Nearly 200 people packed into the Rainworth Village Hall on Wednesday night (12th March) to hear Dr. Dick van Steenis talk about health problems caused by waste incinerators. The event was organised by the Rainworth-based People Against incineration (PAIN). Dr. van Steenis explained how the proposed incinerator would cause premature death and serious illness, including asthma, clinical depression and heart problems.

A scientist and medical doctor with decades of experience told the audience that incineration is not the best available method for dealing with waste. He pointed to studies from DEFRA and others showing that the tiny particles (between 1 - 2 microns) have been proven to cause a range of fatal illnesses, and even the most modern incinerators are not equipped with filters capable of capturing these microscopic particles. These life-threatening emissions are strictly controlled in other countries, including the US since 1997, but are currently unregulated and unmeasured in the UK.

Dr. van Steenis urged the Public health director, Chris Kenny, not to sign any documents that would allow an incinerator to be built. “This would be like signing a death warrant for the very people whose health he is paid and legally obliged to protect” says van Steenis.

PAIN members and supporters were told of a Harvard university study showing that health damage is spread over a 7-mile area for every 100 feet of chimney. Veolia’s proposals would endanger the health of anyone living or working within 17-miles of Rainworth.

The entire presentation, along with the extended question and answer session, was recorded to be made available as a DVD. If you are interested, please contact

The event attracted much-needed donations and many new members to the local anti-incineration campaign group. PAIN Membership Secretary, Newark and Sherwood District Councillor, Allen Tift, said: “The group is just getting into its stride, growing stronger by the day. Our arguments are getting stronger too, thanks to the hard work of our legal and research team and the information provided by knowledgeable guest speakers like Dick van Steenis”.

PAIN’s next meeting, open to the public, takes place on Thursday 20th March from 7PM at The Potters, Kirklington Road, Rainworth. All are welcome to attend.

A petition has recently been started on the subject of PM 2.5 and below particles here -

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