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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekly Links - 20/01/2008

An eclectic mix this week.

A debate has raged on Comment Is Free after right wing loon David Cox posted an article suggesting that the Russians' active SETI (Search for extra terrestrial intelligence) is a threat to humanity.

Elsewhere on CIF reactionary philosopher John Gray lays into the Greens and suggests we are all (note how we are somehow a homogenous movement and uniform in our beliefs) no different to George Bush. Gray exposes himself as a Lovelock fan, but ignorant and simplistic on the topic he is discussing.

Earlier in the week Gordon Walker of Lancaster University covered the question I raised on my blog this week with regard to the siting of these putative new reactors.

A report on Indymedia of the anti-fascist meeting I blogged about on Friday.

Around the blogs, Jim is talking about Ethics, Derek is discussing biofuels, Louise reviews the new Coen brothers film on the Socialist Unity Blog, and Anton at Enemies of Reason has been looking at New Labour increasing inequality.

Cedar Lounge Revolution has a report on the Irish Greens vote on whether to take sides on the Lisbon Treaty vote (another rightward shift as far as I am concerned, with voters lobbied by unwanted intervention from the sold out, corrupted and decaying ghost of 1968, Cohn Bendit..... grrrr!)

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At 10:13 pm, Anonymous WorldbyStom said...

Cheers for bringing attention to the CIF piece by Cox. A couple of posters really demolish his thoughts. I'm a big fan of SETI, so you can imagine my own thoughts on the matter too. Small point, another cheers for the link to the Lisbon Treaty piece, but it was in fact written up by my good comrade franklittle...

At 8:43 am, Blogger greenman said...

Hi, Thanks for the comment. I have corrected the inaccuracy. The British Parliament begin discussing the Lisbon Treaty this week.
The SETI thing certainly seemed to stimulate interesting debate, but brought out the cynics and scoffers as well. Cox really had a cheek trying to use it as an excuse for more neo-Cold War rhetoric.

At 6:33 pm, Anonymous WorldbyStom said...

Yes. It'll be interesting to see how the Parliament deals with it. Rife with contradictions methinks, and I take a more benign view of it that most...

Isn't it extraordinary how that sort of neo-Cold War rhetoric as you so rightly put it latches onto the most strange sort of stuff? It's hard to parody but the inevitable reference is Dr. Strangelove... I don't get it, or rather, I guess I do, that it's typical hyperbole and ramping up of threats perceived or otherwise!


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