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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekly Links - 06/01/2008

Various interesting pieces to link to this week.

On the Climate Change Front, Ian at Climate and Capitalism noted the report out this week that 2007 was Britain's second warmest year.

Peter Tatchell had an interesting article posted on his Guardian Comment Is Free Blog this week, on the subject of global water poverty - contrasting the expenditure required with the global arms budget.

On the subject of the Guardian, am I alone in thinking that this was one of the most patronising leading articles (particularly the concluding lines) that the liberal establishment organ have published in a long time? The Iowa events in the US Presidential race excited more comment from this side of the pond at the Socialist Unity Blog, and from Ireland at the Cedar Lounge Revolution.

In light of the fuss over the comments on the alleged poisoning danger from energy efficient lightbulbs, this piece from Green Party Principal speaker Derek Wall is relevant.

Jim announced the return of the blogging event known as the "Carnival of Socialism" in February on Daily (Maybe) this week, more info here.

Both SUB and Derek have had articles on Green second preference votes in the coming London Mayoral Election. The Green Mayoral candidate in May is Sian Berry.

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