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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekly Links - 13/01/08

First up this week, the energy debate has been high on the agenda with the British Government's nuclear announcement. After the article I linked in my Thursday blog, Peter Tatchell posted another piece on the Guardian Comment Is Free site about the renewable options. My prediction that the Labourite apologists and neo-liberal drones would try to blame the coming energy crisis on the Greens has come true already, with this ridiculous outburst from the increasingly puffed up and hysterical Nick Cohen. Yes there is a problem with middle class greenery, Nick - but left greens will take no lessons from someone who now spends his time sucking up to the neo-liberal and neo-conservative projects - no middle class beardies amongst Nick's new friends, mind, just bona-fide members of the ruling class and their oily apologists.

Various blogging reactions to the Peter Hain affair from Jack Ray, (Practically Insurgent), Louise at Socialist Unity Blog, and Septic Isle (Obsolete).
Dave Osler puts a different perspective on it by republishing a 1986 article by Hain from the days when he laughably (it is an even sicker joke today) called himself a "libertarian socialist".

Elsewhere this week the Anglo-Irish blog Organized Rage has two interesting stories - the first that Alliance For Green Socialism member Tony Greenstein has forced an apology out of revolting Blairite journalist David Aaronovitch (Kept watch on here). Secondly that CIA-defector, socialist and writer Philip Agee has passed away.

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At 9:36 pm, Anonymous WorldbyStom said...

Got to say, Nick Cohen has some funny ideas... and not in a good way. It's the certainty that always worries me. And while as you say middle class greenery is an issue, it's sort of a secondary issue in the big picture...


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