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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Meetings In London And Manchester

In the run up to the Global Climate Change Day of Action on Saturday, the LSE Students' Union is running its' annual Climate Change Action Week. They have a meeting on the socialist approach to the challenge of Climate Change on Wednesday afternoon -

Can capitalism stop ecological meltdown? Can socialism?
What do socialists say about climate change?

1-3pm, Wednesday 5th December
Room S300 (3rd floor, St Clements House, Houghton Street, LSE)

Speakers: Derek Wall (Green Party male principal speaker and Green Left),
Clive Bradley (Workers' Liberty)

We will be discussing the relationship between capitalism, class
exploitation and ecology, whether socialists can develop an effective
programme to save the planet and what force can create an egalitarian,
democratic, sustainable society.

All welcome

Sponsored by LSE Green Party and London Workers' Liberty students

Another interesting meeting at the LSE during the week is on Thursday, with the excellent Donnachadh McCarthy whom I heard speak at a conference earlier in the year -

THURSDAY 6TH DECEMBER: Tomorrow's Buildings - Can Eco-Buildings Become the Affordable Solution?, 2pm, G108
Speakers: Donnachadh McCarthy, author of 'Saving the Planet Without Costing the Earth', environmental auditor at 3 Acorns Environmental Transformations and owner of the first private home in London to export solar electricity to London Electricity!
Wil Anderson, Designer and Builder of 'The Tree House' in Clapham (

IWW Film in Manchester
Meanwhile, in Manchester the IWW Local is having a film night in collaboration with
Manchester Projectile Films on December 11th at the Friends Meeting
House, Mount Street, Manchester M2 at 7.30pm. All Fellow Workers welcome!
They are showing the film "An Injury to One"

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