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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bush's Australian Ally Defeated!

The good news from Australia is that George Bush's main man in Australia, the right-wing PM John Howard of the Liberal Party has been soundly defeated in the country's general election.
Whatever the direction of the new government in Australia (and in Britain we know all about not putting our faith in "Labour" governments to deliver)the fact is that the Australian people have voted for change, and what is more have voted for parties that have put climate change and social justice at the heart of their programmes. The Australian Green Party have fought a good election by most accounts - let us hope as the electoral picture becomes clearer that they may be able to bring their influence to bear to get the incoming Rudd Government to make good on their limited, (compared to the Greens, but still a vast improvement on the previous administration) promises on Climate Change.
Internationally this result will hopefully mean further isolation for the Neo-cons and more difficulty for them in pursuing their goal of war with Iran.
So, no illusions of a bright new dawn, but definitely a more positive picture internationally than before.
A good early report by Takver of Sydney Indymedia here.

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At 5:09 pm, Blogger studentmedic said...

Quite! A good analysis (imo) at Lenin's Tomb:

At 8:04 pm, Anonymous a very public sociologist said...

Indeed. Naturally socialists and progressives in Oz should be on their guard and make sure Rudd is held to the few leftish policy positions he's assumed.

At 9:20 pm, Anonymous WorldbyStom said...

Interesting how people have cut their cloth after Blair. Seems as if to even hold Rudd to a few issues - as avps suggests - would be, if not a triumph, at least not a defeat.


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