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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ecosocialist International Network

The Ecosocialist International Network (E.I.N.) continues to develop in a positive way and bring together more ecosocialists on an international basis.

The Network now has a website and an active and growing e-mail list. I have added the website to my links column. The website has the original ecosocialist manifesto and a growing links page (which includes a link to this humble blog!)

A priority for the Network at the moment is promotion of the international day of action on climate change scheduled for December 8th 2007.

I am pleased to report that I have just got hold of the new, paperback 2nd edition of ecosocialist writer Joel Kovel's book The Enemy of Nature. Here is a review of the book from the FEASTA website, by Green Party of England and Wales Male Principal Speaker Derek Wall. Coincidentally, FEASTA - (The Foundation For The Economics of Sustainability) had its' AGM today. Keep up the good work, folks.

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