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Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Infamous Day

So it finally arrived, after all the dishonest tinkering and showy re-dressing of the European Constitution, the rulers of Europe gathered in Lisbon to sign up to the final so-called "reform" treaty. Conspicuous by his absence was British Prime Minister Gordon Brown who apparently had some really pressing engagement with back bench MPs that led to him arriving late to sign up - after the fanfares and Euro-nationalist jamboree had passed - with an obviously embarrassed David Milliband standing in for his PM. This charade merely added farce and shame to an already disgusting display of the arrogance of the European political elite.

This blatant over-riding of the wishes of many of the electorates of Europe in the interests of the business-class and private jet elites and the messianic bureaucrats will surely provoke the reaction it deserves. In Britain the pressure for a referendum, as promised in Labour's election manifesto, must be increased and we must demand that MPs show some backbone - and let them know they will be exposed if they do not.

More on the Lisbon Treaty on the left-Eurosceptic Campaign Against Euro-Federalism website here. And here is the CAEF submission to the House of Lords EU Select Committee Inquiry on the Lisbon Treaty.

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