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Sunday, December 09, 2007

London Climate Change Demo

I went to the Campaign Against Climate Change demonstration and rally in London on Saturday. It poured down and we were all soaked, but it was good to meet up with old friends and comrades and the atmosphere was defiant. The green and red flag - printed with the letters E.I.N. (for Ecosocialist International Network) - had its' first outing and can be partially glimpsed to the left of the photo above (Courtesy of Sas from CCC website).

Here are some pics from Indymedia - and here are some of the Glasgow event.

Here is the CCC gallery of pics from the London demo. Here is the gallery of pics from protests around the world.

Here is the report from the Independent on Sunday.

Major demands voiced at the demo were that the government reverse on airport expansion - particularly the third runway at Heathrow; for a tougher Climate Bill with annual targets and the inclusion of aviation and shipping emissions; and for global action against deforestation.
There was joy that climate criminal John Howard of Australia had gone, with Australia at last signing up, for all its flaws, to the Kyoto Treaty.

Feeling the heat on this and other issues, the British government have announced a major push on Offshore Wind Power development. Not enough in itself, but nevertheless a welcome first step. As the London Observer reports, with increasing demand for renewable energy, measures to increase supply cannot come fast enough.

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At 8:04 pm, Anonymous Mike777 said...

I thought George Monbiot gave the impression of a man who's seen the light - could he be an ecosocialist now?


At 11:54 pm, Blogger studentmedic said...

Good demo. Cold and wet but good.

At 4:16 pm, Blogger Phil BC said...

Nah, I thought Monbiot's analysis of capitalism owed more to social credit thinking than Marx. In this I'm not surprised, considering his recurring Marxophobia.


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