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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Links, Blogs and Petitions 8/7/07

Various stuff to draw to your attention this week.

With the focus on Climate Change and the carbon based economy, the blog of Robin Nixon (It's The Only One We Have) is riding high in the Blogflux Top Sites listing for Politics sites.

Recently had my attention drawn to the Oil Depletion Protocol promoted by the Post Carbon Institute. Well worth a read
There is a petition on the oil depletion protocol here.

Happy to report that the UKWIN (UK Without Incineration) network is up and running and is developing a website. You can affiliate your group or sign up as an individual here.

I blogged last week about the National Blood Service workers' campaign - a related blog has now been set up here.

The persecution of nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu by the Israeli authorities continues. There is a petition in his support here.

A petition on Lockheed Martin's involvement in UK Census info gathering, a topic brought to public notice by Green Party Female Principal speaker Sian Berry, is here.

Here is a petition supporting the staff in dispute with management at London Metropolitan University.

And finally on petitions, here is the latest one from campaign group Republic, on Royal Finances.

More on the international Ecosocialist conference in Paris coming up this Autumn on the Climate and Capitalism blog here.

Andy Newman reports on Saturday's Shop Stewards Network Launch meeting here.

Jim comments on Live Earth and shoots down some of the more ridiculous cynical arguments against it here. He is quite right to draw the line between justified scepticism over the effect of the event (and the past history of some of those associated with it), and the reactionary cynicism that has been displayed in some of the media.

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