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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stand Up For The NHS - 3rd March

I blogged previously on the TUC/NHS Together Day of Action planned for 3rd March.
The number of rallies, events and marches has mushroomed as local activists and campaigners came on board with the Day of Action. There is now the possibility that some of the events, for example the Midlands Rally in Birmingham will be quite well supported. I urge any of my readers that can get along to one of these events to try to do so and be ready for an even bigger mobilisation in the summer - for which there are increasing calls as reported here by McDonnellite Labour blogger Marsha Jane here..

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At 7:39 pm, Blogger Jim Jay said...

How did it go for you? Ours (in Cambridge) was O-K but no more than that... I'm very pessimistic about the NHS at the moment... must do something to make me feel more positive about it all!

At 9:58 am, Blogger greenman said...

Yes, Prentis spoke in Birmingham and was full of rhetoric but short on suggested action as befits his craven labourist position. The Brum rally was just that - a rally, with no march around the city, so unless you walked into Victoria Square between 12 and 1.30 you would not have known it was happening. Still, there were some good people there and I am encouraged that the independent campaigns, local union organisations, the left and the pensioners movement can come together to create a groundswell for national action and demonstrations rather than the transparent boat-rocking-avoidance of the supine labourist TU leaderships. The group PUSH seem to be organising around this viewpoint, and there is pressure within KONP as well. The demo in Sheffield was apparently one of the biggest. Will try and blog on all this later.

At 12:05 pm, Blogger Louisefeminista said...

"Yes, Prentis spoke in Birmingham and was full of rhetoric but short on suggested action as befits his craven labourist position."

Yeah that sums up Prentis.

I heard him speak a couple of weeks ago at the lobby of Parliament around defending public services and he was utter.... well, utter sh*te! He made a few little nods to the left (blink and you would have missed it) as a sop but overall it was the usual speech from a useless bureaucrat.....

Jim: I too feel depressed as hell about the public sector overall esp. with everything being privatised and public equity groups lurking in the background ready to pounce!


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