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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Peace Protest Reports

Ther were protests about the war in Iraq, Trident replacement and threatened war on Iran in various places yesterday.
A Scottish Green MSP spoke at the Glasgow rally -

Chris Ballance, the Scottish Green Party speaker on nuclear issues, said:

"The majority of people in Scotland oppose nuclear weapons.
"When Westminster votes on the issue, Labour MPs should remember that they represent the Scottish people and are not elected to simply nod through Tony Blair's policies."

Here are some reports.

BBC on Glasgow March.

BBC on London Demonstration. And here.

Someone's personal report and some excellent photos on Indymedia.

More photos from Indymedia.

More protest photos.

The Void's report and photos.

Some photos on Flickr.

Meanwhile, the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise has been seized during an action at Faslane. Here are Greenpeace's photos on Flickr

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