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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Scotland The Brave!

Scotland was the testing ground for Margaret Thatcher's Poll Tax, and as a result led the way in the campaign that played a significant part in her downfall. It now seems likely that Scots may again play a pivotal role in the downfall of Tony Blair, his 'heir apparrent' and his legacy. A perfect storm appears to be building, where opposition to Blair's wars, his Trident replacement and his nuclear energy proposals coincide with a high point of support for the SNP and Greens, and a mood of support for more Scottish freedom and independence.

This is all coming to a head in the run up to the Scottish Parliament elections in May, which appear to have Labour running scared.
If Brown is seen as the front-runner to replace Blair later this year, then a disaster for Labour in his Scottish homeland could be very damaging for him. It will also strengthen those elements that want to return Labour to a more traditional stance like the centre leftist "ex Blairite" Cruddas and the left's official challenger John McDonnell.

The time is here to pile the pressure on and the coming days have plenty of opportunities to do so across the UK. Blair's Iraq 'wind down' announcement must be seen in the context of this gathering storm, as well as the intentions of the US and Israeli governments as regards Iran. Even some of the gung-ho Atlanticists backing Blair must now be wary of the scenario unfolding for British forces in Shiite majority Southern Iraq if the Israelis and Americans launch an attack on their co-religionists in Iran.

In England the main opportunity to pile on the pressure over the wars and Trident replacement is this Saturday - Greens are mobilising to join the mass demonstration in London as in the following e-mail to members-


Green Party members are asked to assemble for this major protest at Hyde Park, near Speakers Corner 12 noon (Marble Arch Tube)......

We appeal to all Greens to come, to raise Green visibility, carry our placards and your banners and help distribute 5,000 new anti-Trident leaflets.

This month is the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion and the annual big Stop the War Demo is combined this year with No Trident Renewal, co-sponsored by CND. We aim to have a good Green presence on this demo and there will be new materials and posters to display - being produced this week. We must keep up the public pressure on the nuclear weapons issue which is one of our core policies.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Demonstrators will gather in George Square in Glasgow at 11.30am on Saturday for a march and rally - there will also be demonstrations at 12 noon at the Market Cross in Lerwick and 11am at St Peter's Church in Peebles.

More details from CND here and Scottish CND here.

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