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Thursday, January 11, 2007

EU Climate and Energy Proposals

So, some stronger rhetoric and slightly more ambitious targets on climate and energy from the EU hierarchy than we have seen previously, but what is likely to be the real effect? You don't have to be a radical environmentalist to be mildly sceptical - the BBC's Website Environment correspondent Richard Black comments -

The European Commission has put an important toe into steadily warming waters with its package of proposals. But large sections of the water are still cloudy; and the swimmer has yet to leave the shore.

No comment yet that I can find from Friends of The Earth or Greenpeace, or from the informed sources at Real Climate or Stoat - I would imagine that quite substantial documents written in EU-legalese will probably take some time to analyse and evaluate! I will also be interested to hear the views of my fellow bloggers, particularly those with much more knowledge than me in this field like Calvin and Bernie.

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