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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Farewell 2006

It is almost over now, the last few hours of 2006 slipping away. Thank you to all those who have supported Greenman's Occasional Organ in 2006, and to those who have supported the foundation of Green Left as part of the Green Party of England and Wales. I am sure great things await us in 2007 - the NHS campaigns, the Party Spring Conference in Wales in March, the Exxon actions in April and the local and Assembly elections in May are just a few of the challenges of the months ahead. I will try to maintain G.O.O. as a resource relating to these events and the broader picture of current affairs.

A few varied blog entries looking ahead here - Lenin's Tomb foresees the Death of Liberalism, whilst Dave's Part sees the Return of Marxism, Peter Tatchell suggests New Policies for a New Year, Martin Jacques sees China as being one of the most interesting factors in 2007, Larry Elliott believes an economic storm is brewing and Polly Toynbee also has a New Year wish list for Labour. Elsewhere Renegade Eye looks at what might be ahead for Venezuela, Andy Newman reflects on the forthcoming smoking ban in Britain on the Socialist Unity Blog, and finally, with the situation in Scotland after May's elections possibly being very interesting, Tim Barton reflects here on the Devolution of the UK.

I have also added a couple of new links on economic democracy, international left debate and workers' cooperatives to my list - the Economic Democracy For The Americas (ECODEMA) blog of Canadian NDP'er Pierre Ducasse, the Transform! site (European Network For Alternative Thinking and Political Dialogue)who have lots of fascinating online articles from leading figures on the European left including our own Hilary Wainwright and George Monbiot, and the Institute for Economic Democracy site, associated with the Georgist ideas of DW Smith and Glen T Martin. As well as all this I have added another document - the CICOPA World Declaration on Worker Cooperative Ownership.

Now for a bit of a New Year break - hopefully you will hear from me again sometime in January 2007! Happy New Year!

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At 8:32 pm, Blogger Caractacus said...

Happy New Year Greenman :)

Caractacus (AKA Bernie G)

At 9:03 pm, Blogger greenman said...

Thanks Bernie, a Happy New Year to you too!

Congratulations on joining us in Blogland - your site already looks good and has some good links - I will add you to my Blogroll ASAP.

At 9:19 pm, Blogger Caractacus said...

Thanks mate, you were one of the main people who finally inspired me to do it.

As you can probably tell I'm reworking some of my 'back catalogue' for the blog, so if there's anything you'd like to see there, let me know OK?


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