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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Blogs on Sunday

Quite a lot of interesting thought, news and comment from my fellow bloggers today - so here are a few links -

The proposed troop surge likely to be announced by Bush this week is the subject of a post by Bernie at Fundamentalist Druid, following up on a post he did yesterday. Louise at Stroppyblog also has an Iraq related story concerning Iraqi oil. She wrote earlier about the Guardian's story concerning the proposed X-raying of young asylum seekers.

Elsewhere, Natalie at Philobiblon has news on the case of young Iranian woman Azanin Fatehi who has been the focus of a large campaign that has effectively used e-mail to mobilise support.

Dave at Dave's Part, newly returned to the Labour Party, has a post on the British politics story from Scotland regarding the alleged imminent defection of a Scottish Labour MP to the SNP over Trident replacement and Iraq.

Finally, Derek Wall has a post on Vegan lunchboxes. Very laudable, though I consider it great progress to have won my eldest school-age daughter over to (Non-Vegan!)Greek Salad as a healthier alternative to the usual sarnies and crisps.....

Keep up the good work, folks.

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