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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Polls of the Year

A plethora of polls of "Best ofs" has started to appear across the blogosphere. I may even indulge with my own "Best of" lists next week as the end of the year approaches. Georgina Henry, the editor of the Guardian's Comment is Free pages has her own set of "Best ofs" relating to their blogs and comments and I am pleased to say that two of my fellow Green Bloggers, Peter Tatchell and Natalie Bennett (AKA Philobiblon) have been nominated in two of her categories. Peter is nominated for blogger of the year and Natalie is nominated for a "Thread of the Year". Georgina's poll can be found here.

Peter's latest excellent Comment is Free Post is on New Labour's asylum policies and their tragic effects in the real world beyond media sound-bites.

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