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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Results Are In! (Part 1 - Dutch Election)

The final shape of the new Dutch government is yet to become clear, but the results are in and show something of a polarisation.

It looks like the Socialist Party appear to be the main gainers, according to the BBC.

I think the Greens (GroenLinks-GreenLeft) got 7 seats, and may have lost some of their potential votes to the "Animal Rights" Party, The Party For The Animals ....hmmmm.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on the election.

The growth in the Socialist Party vote is certainly welcome as a swing to the left from the (Social Democratic) Labour Party, but the votes of the right bloc, with their scapegoating and neo-liberal policies remain strong enough to seriously affect the direction of the country's politics.

Hopefully GroenLinks will act wisely to maximise the power of the left and protect civil liberties, rather than engaging in some of the self defeating compromises of some other European Greens when they get a sniff of power.

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