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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Pynchon Novel

Keen observers of my links column will have noted that I am quite keen on the work of Thomas Pynchon and similar writers who feature on The Modern Word website.

With this in mind I was happy to be reminded by the interesting The Quiet Road blog that Pynchon's new book is coming out. Let us hope it does not disappoint.

Here is the Review of "Against the Day" on The Modern Word by Allen Ruch. Apparently the book is "massive" and took Pynchon ten years to write. But it sounds good - here is Ruch's appraisal -

As the committed Pynchon fan will have certainly noted, Against the Day continues the author’s life-long obsessions: the border between magic and science, the reduction of commerce to transactions of flesh, the destructive capacity of classification, and the projection of new worlds. All the lines are indeed singled up: Against the Day shares the historical breadth of V., the lyrical clarity that illuminates the enigmas of Lot 49, the lunatic cast and hybrid vigor of Gravity’s Rainbow, the spirit of political inquiry that humanizes Vineland, and the manic, creative density of Mason & Dixon.

Can't wait!

Meanwhile, also at The Quiet Road, I enjoyed this savaging of the Euston Manifesto.



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