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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Random ramblings

Reading: BBC News and Guardian Unlimited websites, Comment is Free Blogs, Urban 75 politics boards, Green Left e-mails, Morning Star, local paper.
Listening: Travis, Keane, local radio.
Viewing: Sky News, ITN news.
This blog appears to be more in line with its title these days, but personal life and a major local planning battle looming tend to reduce blogging time at the moment.

Plenty to comment on in the News.

New Labour publishing their badly thought out, neo-liberal incapacity benefit "reforms".

A report flagging up the likely next assault on the UK's planning arrangements (apparently Britain can't get nuclear power stations, incinerators and motorways built quick enough for the 'demands of the globalised marketplace' according to the report commissioned by our Nulabour overlords)

The Tommy Sheridan character assassination continues in a feeding frenzy for the gutter press in Scotland - the right wing press cannot believe their luck at that case as an excuse to attack the SSP. A case in point methinks (if more were needed post Icke and Galloway) of the dangers for progressives in allowing the glamourous appeal of high profile leading lights to overshadow the real purpose and policies of their organisations.

Abroad the casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq continue and the situation in Israel and Palestine deteriorates further. The right appear to have been involved in dodgy dealings over the Mexican election (interference from Uncle Sam? Surely not!)


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