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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Climate Change

Reading: Some pages of Finnegans Wake, some pages of Goddard's "Past Caring", local paper, Daily Express, BBC News website, various pages on climate change.
Listening: Local Radio, Radio Five.
Viewing: England v. Jamaica match, BBC News.

Today was the Climate Change conference at the LSE organised by the excellent Campaign Against Climate Change - hope it went well. Climate Change is the major issue of our day and is a priority issue for Green Parties. Our British Euro MEP Caroline Lucas is an able spokesperson on this issue and was due to speak at the conference today - here is a piece from her blog. Another speaker was Mark Lynas, who has some interesting articles on his website here. Mark also blogs and recently blogged about David Attenborough coming on board with the climate change concern movement, as reported here by the BBC. The political climate now seems to be changing along with the actual one, but as Mark notes, climate scientists who offer analyses unpopular with the fossil fuel industry in the US are still subject to harassment and political attack by Republican politicians, and he has launched a petition against the harassment of some of these scientists, here.
A major concern, though, must be to win over ordinary working people to a political agenda that can tackle the issues, as recognition of the problem still goes hand in hand with great suspicion of those offering potential strategies for tackling it. An interesting piece on this can be found at the European Social Ecology Institute website here by Terry Leahy.
Sunday sees the green left meeting in London - looking forward to meeting fellow ecosocialists!



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