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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The week ahead

Reading: Some pages of Finnegans Wake, some pages of Robert Goddard's "Past Caring", Morning Star, Daily Mail, Marxism 2006 programme, some of Tim Barton's websites, E-mails.
Listening: Fat Boy Slim.
Viewing: BBC News. Sky News. England V. Hungary. Lost.
Well, a few days off work and spending some time with family. A well earned rest and some time at the gym today, shopping at the local Co-op (you really have to be sharp to let the checkout know you have re-usable bags, or they stuff everything in new ones before you can protest! Perhaps some staff training required on the conserving resources front!)
Have added another set of links to my blog - discovered Tim Barton's new blog and have linked this and several social ecology/Murrary Bookchin related sites. Bookchin, alongside Noam Chomsky and Joel Kovel is one of the most important late 20th/early 21st Century writers from a green/libertarian socialist perspective.
Planning to go and see the Da Vinci Code film tomorrow.
A busy weekend beckons, I can't be attending everything, but will keep an eye on events- for those in the London area there are events arranged by Republic to celebrate the first British Republic Day on June 2nd, and then the important Climate conference at the London School of Economics from 9.45am-6.00pm on Saturday 3rd, addressed by the Green MEP Caroline Lucas, Mark Lynas, Jeremy Leggett and a host of others. Then on Sunday 4th there is the first London organising meeting of the new Green left grouping provisionally titled "Green Revolution".


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