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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Green Party Trades Unionists Support Firefighters in Dispute

The union representing Firefighters in England has announced a further strike on Tuesday 9th December.
Starement of The Green Party Trade Union Group:

The Green Party Trade Union group sends support to those FBU members who will
be striking on Tuesday next. We know that firefighters are dedicated to
ensuring public safety and saving lives, so they will not be taking this
step lightly. It is absurd, but regrettably not surprising, that the
government cannot reach or even approach a settlement to the pensions
dispute with the FBU in England whilst settlements and negotiations which
the FBU finds more acceptable can proceed elsewhere in the UK. This is
another sad example of the inept and dangerous handling of vital public
services by the current government. We hope the firefighters will be able
to win the just settlement that they deserve.

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December Industrial Worker Reports on Upsurge in Workplace Organising in The USA

The paper of the IWW reports on global labour struggles, with particularly detailed information on events in North America.

Download a free PDF of the December 2014 issue from this site:

This blog is proud to support the growth of the IWW and industrial unionist and syndicalist ideas in the UK and Europe.

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