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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Matt Sellwood For Hackney North and Stoke Newington

A very good interview by my fellow ecosocialist and blogger Matt Sellwood on the Red Pepper site.

From the interview:

What are the issues that you are particularly interested in as a candidate?

My personal focus is on issues of economic equality, particularly given the appalling levels of inequality within Hackney North. I have worked particularly with the local Keep Our NHS public group, to oppose the egregious and continuing privatisation of our health service. I am also national spokesperson on housing for the Green Party, and do a lot of work on supporting investment in housing to create local employment, improve conditions and move modes of housing provision towards more cooperative models.

I am also passionate about withdrawal from Afghanistan. During the Iraq War I broke into RAF Fairford and sat on the runway to stop B-52 bombers taking off, and I’m only sorry that we couldn’t build a bigger movement of direct action at that time. The foreign policy of the Labour government over the last decade should, alone, be enough reason for socialists to abandon it immediately. It makes my blood boil.

More here

Good Luck Matt!

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