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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Notts Incinerator Inquiry Starts

The Nottinghamshire Incinerator Public Inquiry started yesterday, but after what was supposed to be a boring (but turned out to be exciting) start the Inquiry was adjourned until Thursday. Seems Veolia are now truly rattled and Notts County Council not a little uneasy themselves!
More from the local Chad newspaper here.
Apparently a possible special protection area for Nightjars might be a "showstopper".
According to the Chad Veolia originally called for a three month adjournment!
PAIN and UKWIN remain committed to fighting the incinerator whereever it is proposed - the proposed incinerator is an outdated model of an inappropriate technology to tackle a reducing waste stream that would be better tackled with other methods - anaerobic digestion, increased recycling facilities, etc
Tha anti-incinerator campaign has the full backing of local Greens.


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