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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Green Electoral Victory In Scarborough

Green Party activist Nick Harvey, (who has done a lot of campaigning on issues like public transport in his area) has won a stunning by-election victory in the rural Hertford Ward of Scarborough Borough Council.

13/8/09 result:

GREEN, Nick Harvey, 894
Con 356
Ind 94

Turn out 32.69%

This was a Green gain from the Tories, despite a big Conservative last-ditch polling day effort.

2007 result (The first time Nick stood)

Con 732
Con 709
LD 591
GREEN, Nick Harvey, 508
BNP 212

The Green Party now holds 3 seats on Scarborough Borough Council, the other 2 being in Stepney Ward within Scarborough itself. In a second by-election in Scarborough on the same night an Independent took a seat from the Liberal Democrats.

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