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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Green Election Videos

Here are some of the very good Green Party election videos for the forthcoming European and local elections.

This is the main one first broadcast last week for the Euro elections on June 4th -

And here is the i-player link for the June 4th local elections broadcast from this week.

Here is one, (courtesy of Jim's blog) from the campaign in the North West where lead Green Candidate Peter Cranie could well be slugging it out with far right leader Nick Griffin for the last seat under the electoral process used for these elections.

A You Gov poll reported earlier this week that 34% of respondents had said they would either vote Green or consider voting Green. More here.

For a more old fashioned campaigning method here is a printable Green Party poster.

It is perhaps a sign of the times that fellow Green blogger Matt Sellwood was given a guest post on the Labour supporting Daves' Part Blog to put forward the case for left-wingers to give their votes to the Greens in these elections, particularly in London and the South East where Jean Lambert and Caroline Lucas are defending their seats and in the North West battle mentioned above.

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