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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog to be more truly "occasional"

When I started this blog with the title Greenman's Occasional Organ it was meant to be just that, Occasional. However, through time I have got into the habit of doing weekly links and feeling obliged to blog every couple of days at least. This has led to blogging (and collecting interesting links) taking up more of my precious time than was desirable and to me blogging sometimes for the sake of it - covering things that were widely available elsewhere and which I made little extra contribution to by blogging on them.

As my time is precious, and I am currently in a process of re-assessing my commitments, affiliations and stances, I think it is time for the blog to live up to its' title. From now on I will try to be more disciplined in only blogging when a) I feel truly motivated to do so and b) When I feel there is information and links that really need to be blogged either because I can shed a more unique light on the info than others, or because it is an issue where more bloggers covering it is likely to have a positive effect in itself.

So, no more Weekly links, more personal comment rather than just advertising events and more effective promotion of causes and events where I can have an effect.

In addition, I am thinking of launching a more politically focused blog under another pseudonym, around the subject of a new political project.

Thanks to those who have been regular readers of this blog so far, and I hope the changes meet with your approval.



At 5:06 pm, Blogger Matt Sellwood said...

>I am currently in a process of re->assessing my commitments, >affiliations and stances

Hmm...that sounds either ominous or intriguing. Or both?


At 8:03 am, Blogger tim said...

Wow. Re-assessing your "commitments, affiliations and stances"? Thinking of just coming out of the closet and joining the Black Bloc? ;o)
I hope you will update us (your readers) on your "commitments, affiliations and stances" soon.

At 12:31 pm, Blogger Jim Jay said...

I rather like your weekly roundups - but if you're not enjoying it or its taking up too much time fair enough... you might change your mind later on anyway :)


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