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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Support The Occupations!

Two schools have been occupied in Glasgow in opposition to the Council's planned closure programme. This, along with recent factory occupations in Ireland, Scotland and England, is another sign of the growing awareness of the need for direct action tactics to oppose the onslaught of cuts, closures and job losses that ordinary people face in the aftermath of the breakdown of casino capitalism. French workers have been engaged in some even more militant and radical action, including occupying and keeping bosses captive! The ruling class and the establishment should know that we will not take the destruction of our communities, livelihoods and services lying down. These are all signs of what is to come.

From the BBC -

A demonstration has been held in support of parents who have occupied two closure-threatened schools.

More than 20 parents barricaded themselves inside Wyndford Primary and St Gregory's Primary in the Maryhill area of Glasgow on Friday afternoon.

The city-wide Save Our Schools Campaign held a rally outside the premises in a show of solidarity.

Glasgow City Council has proposed closing or merging 13 primary schools and 12 nurseries across the city.

Parent Debbie Watson is one of those occupying the school.

She said: "We are fighting against the closure of our schools.

"If our schools close within the Wyndford community, our community dies.

"It's already in a bad state as it is, but our community will fight to the bitter end to keep our schools open.

"We will be here until the very end until Glasgow City Council and the Labour councillors wake up."

The support we've been getting has been amazing. I've had about 300 texts from all over Britain and even one from Italy
Nikki Rathmill

More, including the interview above, here.

The Glasgow Save Our Schools Website is here.

All these occupations should be applauded and supported and publicised as much as possible to show people what is possible.

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