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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free Climate Change Workshops For Trade Unionists



Climate Change for Trade Unionists Workshop Series, April onwards (FREE)

Want to find out everything you need to know about climate change? Ever felt you'd like to join others in taking real and lasting action on climate change within your trade union?

The PCS Union and COIN are hosting a series of five workshops on climate change for trade unionists:

* Climate Change Condensed: All you need to know about climate change in just 3 hours. For those who are new to climate change.

* How to win the climate change argument in a 15 minute tea break: Arms you with ways to respond to colleagues' denial and evasion of climate change.

* Climate Change Negotiation: For reps, branch officials and negotiators who want to find out how to mobilise members and how to approach management on climate change issues.

* A Green New Deal?: For any active trade union member who wants to get their head around the big issue - what does a low carbon society mean for Trade Unionists?

* Trade Union Climate Action Groups: For trade unionists who want to discuss, work and/ or campaign around a climate change issue of interest over a six-month period.

These workshops are FREE and open to any trade unionist. For further information including the workshop leaflet and booking form, please see the front page of the website -

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