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Friday, February 20, 2009

Defend Joel Kovel - Support Free Speech!

Just back from a short break in York (a great place for a visit and a hive of Green activity, home to my old friend from Sheffield and now Green Councillor and blogger Andy D'Agorne)

The big news in the ecosocialist community is the victimisation of leading ecosocialist thinker and writer Joel Kovel. It seems Joel has fallen victim to the increasingly vicious Zionist backlash against anti-Zionist Jews and other anti-racist leftists who dare to speak out about the crimes and malevolence of the Israeli regime and the IDF. More from Derek Wall on his blog here, including contact details for Joel's former employer.

This comes in a week where on this side of the pond an appalling article by author and journalist Howard Jacobson took up two pages of the mainstream "intellectual" broadsheet The Independent, casting aspersions of anti-semitism left, right and centre at just about anyone who dares to voice any negative opinion about the actions of Israel and its military. Needless to say this has ignited one of the fiercest flame wars ever seen on the website and pages of that normally reserved organ!

There are real anti-semites out there, and some of them have posted comments on Jacobson's article and need opposing, but attempts to silence criticism of the actions of the state of Israel by smear and innuendo against brave people with good anti-racist credentials and histories is really contemptible and should not be allowed to succeed.

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At 9:58 am, Blogger Green Gordon said...

What does 'it seems' mean? Being generally ignorant on Kovel myself, I thought it was worth looking for opposing versions of events.

Does this seem more objective?:

At 7:53 pm, Blogger greenman said...

My thoughts are along the lines of "they would say that wouldn't they"
Without first hand experience no-one can say for sure what the circumstances are in any dispute. However, I am constitutionally inclined to distrust the "official story" and listen more favourably to the underdog - in this case, Joel Kovel.
You must make your own mind up.


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