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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Blood Service Protest

IWW Valentine's Day Blood Service protest - Sat 14th Feb
On Saturday 14th February the IWW is taking a mobile protest to hospitals around the city, to inform the public and healthworkers about the looming closure of the Birmingham blood processing lab in March.

Solidarity forever

This vital link in the blood supply chain is to be transferred down to Bristol under a centralisation regime, with the loss of around 70 jobs, leaving local hospitals’ blood supply at the mercy of the clogged motorways of the South-West of England.

The IWW, along with other unions and organisations, has campaigned against this dangerous move during the last few years. Unsurprisingly when management proposed these cuts there was the bare minimum of consultation with hospitals and none with the public. Now that the cuts are happening, the least we can do is take the message to the streets and make sure that Birmingham is well informed of exactly what is happening to our public services.

Show some love for the blood service on Valentine’s Day!

* We need cyclists! Lots and lots of cyclists! - To form the body of the convoy behind a large van with banners.

* We also need car drivers who can carry extra protestors.

The protest will meet at Birmingham Uni North gate turning circle, pass the Blood Centre and the QEH/Women’s hospital in Edgbaston, then call at Selly Oak, City, and end up at the Children’s hospital in the city centre.

Meeting points

@ B’ham Uni North Gate (Prichatts Rd) - assemble from 11am

@ Selly Oak Hospital (Oak Tree Lane) - approx 12 noon – 12.30pm

@ City Hospital (Dudley Road) - approx 1.30pm – 2pm

@ Children’s Hospital (Steelhouse Lane) - approx 2.45pm

Finishing in the city centre on foot at 4.30pm

Please put this date into your diaries, and help us build numbers by letting your friends and family, workmates, neighbours and union contacts know about the event. Leaflets and posters are available now. It really helps us if you get in touch to let us know you are planning to join the protest. For more info, to confirm attendance, to book a seat as a car passenger, or to get copies of the pre-event leaflet please contact

In addition NBS blood processing labs are proposed to close in Leeds and in Tooting, London. Cuts at these centres are on a longer timescale though and haven't happened yet! There are still several months more left in which the proposals could be beaten and the labs saved with enough pressure from all sides. It ain't over 'til it's over!

Find out more about planned cuts in the blood service here:

IWW Health Workers Union
- e-mail: iww.nbs@gmail
- Homepage:

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