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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly Links 11/01/2009

Here are some links regarding this weekend's demonstrations and other events.
UK Indymedia had a timeline of events during the Saturday protest in London.

Pictures from the London Demonstrations are posted here, here, and here. They also have reports and pics from Sheffield and Edinburgh, which also has links to Indymedia reports of protests from around the world.

A detailed opinion piece with photos from the London demo has been posted on the website of the commune.

Bloggers reports come from
- Derek Wall recording David Rosenberg's views on Another Green World.
- Jim, on Daily (Maybe), who links to lots of other blogging comment.
- Ed, at I.R. also has some good pics from Saturday's demo.

Other blogging
Dave Osler at Dave's Part reflects on the latest revelations of a racist outburst from a British Royal.
Matt S at Anglo-Buddhist Combine reports on early UK opinion polling for the upcoming European elections.
Meanwhile, on the subject of polls, A Very Public Sociologist blogged about the latest Weblog Awards this week, and gave some suggestions for a brave and eclectic handful of leftist bloggers to vote for against the rightist hordes.

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