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Friday, January 02, 2009

A Sherwood Forest Incinerator? Act On January 9th!

A Sherwood Forest Incinerator?
Act On January 9th!
Let Notts County Council Know How You Feel About It!
Following unanimous rejection by the planning committee of Newark and Sherwood District Council the plans of Veolia to build an incinerator near Rainworth in Sherwood Forest is before Nottinghamshire County Council on Friday 9th January.

PAIN (People Against Incineration) are calling for people to mobilise and let the County Councillors know how we feel about their dash to unsustainable and polluting incineration at a totally unsuitable site. The meeting is at County Hall, West Bridgford from 10.30am on Friday 9th January.

Here is the website of UKWIN (UK Without Incineration Network) for more info on incineration, the campaigns against it and the alternatives.

Local MP Paddy Tipping is believed to be calling for the decision on the incinerator to be called in by the Secretary of State as it seems a nonsense that such an important and controversial decision should be made by members of the very Council who have set up and agreed the local waste agreement and signed the multi-million pound contract for waste services with Veolia.

Whatever happens on the 9th and immediately afterwards the campaign against Veolia and their plans will continue in defence of the health of the population, the ecosystems of Sherwood Forest and the local SSIs and in favour of a sustainable and progressive waste strategy which does not cover the waste of millions of tonnes of recyclables and masses of heat energy with the figleaf of a little bit of (electricity-only) energy recovery!

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