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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Richard Greeman London Meeting - 10th November

I have blogged previously on the visit to the UK of US ecosocialist activist and writer Richard Greeman promoting his 2007 book Dangerous Shortcuts and Vegetarian Sharks (retitled "Beware of Vegetarian Sharks" for the 2008 edition, I understand).

A London date on his tour has now been announced by the Alliance For Green Socialism who are hosting the event. Hopefully Richard will also have some comments on the situation in his country in the wake of the Presidential election.

Meeting Details
7.30pm, Monday November 10th
"The Goose"
Rushley Green
SW6 (8 minutes from Catford Station)
Buses: 47, 54, 75, 136, 160.

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At 11:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunate that it clashes with Lewisham Green Party's monthly meeting! That'll be the Alliance for Green Socialism that chose Brockley, where we had one Green cllr and were aiming for 2 more, as the only place in the borough where they stood in the 2006 local elections. Fortunately they didn't make much of an impact and we still managed to get our 3 Green cllrs elected, but I really didn't understand their logic in doing that. . .


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