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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tatchell Urges Mandela To Speak Out On Zimbabwe

Human rights campaigner and Green Party Parliamentary candidate Peter Tatchell has urged Nelson Mandela to speak out on the situation in Zimbabwe ahead of his birthday concert in London.

"Mugabe has murdered more black Africans than the British during
the period of colonialist occupation of Zimbabwe. He has murdered more
black Africans than the evil apartheid regime in South Africa.
"His slaughter of 20,000 civilians in Matabeleland in the 1980s was
the equivalent of a Sharpeville massacre every day for over nine
months. Once a freedom fighter, he is now Ian Smith with a black face
– only many times worse.

People around the world, including Zimbabweans, supported Nelson
Mandela's freedom struggle against apartheid. It is now time that
Mandela reciprocated this solidarity by calling for an end to Mugabe's
beatings, torture and murder. He should call for new,
internationally-supervised free and fair elections.

Other African leaders, including Thabo Mbeki, also need to speak out
against Mugabe's despotism. The people of Zimbabwe deserve a
democratic, representative government that ensures equality and
justice for all its citizens. These were the goals of the African
liberation movements of the last 60 years. They are still worthy goals
today," said Mr Tatchell.

More here.

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At 12:59 pm, Blogger Jim Jay said...

Hi there,

mandela actually made some very criticisms yesterday of Mugabe. It's perfectly possible to argue he should have done so long before now but a small word in his defense - when he retired a few years back he really did retire and hasn't really interfered much in frontline politics so it isn't like he was singling out Zimbabwe for a "no comment" approach


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