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Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekly Links - 09/06/2008

Another quick few links this week :

Here is a short experimental film on the subject of wind turbines from Duncan Kenning, a fine art student at University College Falmouth in Cornwall. Yeah, yeah, we know they won't solve the energy crisis alone and will not give security of supply/baseload etc, but I'm getting a bit tired of the "they are a useless waste of money" brigade. Latest is Noel Edmonds (yes, that Noel Edmonds! The poor man's Jeremy Clarkson - or the rich(er) man's Jeremy Clarkson given his penchant for choppers and fat cheques from his TV employers?) who is mouthpiece for something called the Renewable Energy Foundation, and has a doom and gloom piece in the Daily Mirror. Now Noel makes some worthwhile points, but I am a little concerned about where he is coming from and where he is going! REF have form, uniting all the opponents of wind energy around a dubious negativist prospectus. I am no fan of the energy companies and corporate spin, but the agenda of many of the "private backers" of REF is all too transparnet and none too appealing either. Like the larger debate on climate change, the wind energy debate in the popular media is unfortunately now a minefield of competing corporate interests, reactionary agendas and conspiracism.

In the blogs this week, Jim reflected on the candidacy of Barack Obama, as does Septicisle at Obsolete whilst Derek saw his ascension in a more critical light.
SUB have a report on the Keep Our NHS Public AGM from Norma Turner, World By Storm started a debate on this week's Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. (I'm for a No, but at least this appears to be a civilized debate. We shall see what happens later this week!)

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At 10:17 am, Anonymous tim said...

What do you think about carbon capture tech? I came across this recently.

At 8:52 pm, Blogger greenman said...

I think it would be a better investment than the nuclear option! (Brown today says he thinks we need 1000 new nuclear plants internationally) however, carbon capture is unproven, may be very costly and possibly even risky - the priority has to be to reduce energy consumption and develop a broad mix of renewables (Tidal lagoons, land and sea based wind turbines, wave, geothermal, hydro, biomass, microgen, etc.) Despite this, if some (even stop gap)CCS technology that is relatively effective can be developed it would be surely better that, say China, rapidly deployed this for its' many coal fired plants rather than just carry on raising emissions or building loads of nukes (in earthquake zones?!?). This is all up for debate, I do not claim to have the answers and the question is technical as well as economic and political. And of course, the really big questions are not around coal and gas, but oil.....


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