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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blogs on Sunday 02/03/2008

A big Happy Mothers Day to mothers everywhere!

I am pleased to welcome a new lefty-green blog into the blogosphere this week - green from below - who has a refreshingly open, non-sectarian and honest approach, articulated in the Disclaimer -

This blog will contain occasional political commentary and opinions from a broadly eco-socialist perspective.

Please note however, that I’m no expert on most of these matters and am merely throwing my/an extra view into the ring. I may well be wrong!

Equally, publishing or linking to the work of others should not be interpreted as unconditional or uncritical support from here.

It should also be noted that I do not intend to impose these opinions on the reader. It is up to them to draw their own conclusions, not act upon mine.

green from below also posts up the original Ecosocialist Manifesto and Bookchin's What Is Social Ecology ?

I am happy to add the new blogosphere comrade to my Fellow Bloggers column.

Around other Brit left green blogs this week Derek Wall at Another Green World reports on the call to ExxonMobil to respect Venezuela's sovereignty which he and various other well known figures from the British left have recently signed.

Jim at Daily (Maybe)has this week blogged on the forthcoming Convention of The Left that I mentioned last week, along with a thoughtful article on Cuba and reflections on the Prince Harry stories.

Noel, at the Green Room blogs on London Greens' preparations for the London Mayoral and Assembly elections in two months time.

Student Medic at Life Is Complicated recently blogged a report of attending Green Party Conference for the first time.

Over at Gaian Economics Molly reflects on rampant capitalism as practiced in Britain and Portugal.

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At 6:00 pm, Anonymous Green from Below said...

Cheers for the positive review! It's still very much a work in progress and hopefully will get a little more sophisticated as time goes by...


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